November 20, 2020

Why Hotels Should Use Eco-Friendly Products (+ How to Make the Switch in Hotel Housekeeping)

When was the last time you went for a vacation at a hotel? Did the housekeeping staff continue to replenish the amenities in your room each night you stayed?


You could argue that doing so is hygienic and also expected from bigger hotel chains.


However, times are changing. While COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of sanitising and disinfecting rooms, there’s one thing that has been present much longer that still needs to be addressed on a grander scale.


Climate change.


The hotel industry has been faced with a need to serve a changing need – environmentally-conscious guests. And as the hype around eco-friendly products continues to rise, hotels are in need to foster these new changes to continue providing a positive guest experience.


While there are many ways hotels can incorporate eco-friendly measures into a hotel’s operations – for example, buying switching to LED lights, utilising sustainable bamboo fabrics that are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, or using organic farm-to-table ingredients – this article touches upon a crucial contributor to climate woes – hotel housekeeping needs.


Why hotel housekeeping should use eco-friendly products?


A 2018 report prepared by found that 87% of global travellers are interested in eco-friendly room options.


Hotels that use eco-friendly products will find themselves at an advantage for several reasons, including:

  •     Heightened appeal to an increasing number of sustainability-minded guests
  •     Reduction of carbon footprint as sustainable products reduce chemical usage
  •     Lowered waste generation as housekeeping amenities are replenished less often
  •     Lowered expenditure in the long-run as items are disposed of less frequently


Clearly, a strong case is made for the use of eco-friendly products in hotel housekeeping. 


Beyond that, the more steps hotels take to be more sustainable in general – with lights, fabric, water conservation and even with food ingredients – will help sustain the expenditure and lifeline of hotel chains for the longer run. In times like a pandemic where the tourism industry has taken a huge hit, making sustainable changes will be beneficial in the long run. 


What type of eco-friendly products can hotel housekeeping switch to?


Hotel housekeeping cleaners and staff carry many different types of products in their inventory. 


From towels to tea and coffee sachets, shower caps to shampoos, their trolleys are filled to the brim every time they go for their rounds of keeping hotel rooms clean.


Here are some quick ways to make the switch from regular operation to sustainability:


  •     Reuse liners for trash cans in hotel rooms
  •     Change/replenish towels, linen, shower caps and toothbrushes only upon request
  •     Use sustainable fabrics such as bamboo that are environmentally-friendly
  •     Use toiletries made from sustainable and natural properties such as chemical-free herbs and extracts like aloe vera and spices in shampoos and conditioners
  •     Deliver newspaper with breakfast only upon request
  •     Use refillable soap dispensers or bar soaps instead of small disposable bottles
  •     Use glass mugs for in-room beverages instead of plastic or paper cups
  •     Change in-room menus to durable ones instead of using flimsy paper ones
  •     Use chemical-free and environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are also safer for the skin
  •     Clean thoroughly to avoid build-up of mold that requires more change of products


How Grinearth can help you become an eco-friendly hotel 

Not sure where to start with when it comes to making your hotel more eco-friendly?


Here are some products we offer in bulk that are sustainable and environmentally friendly:

  •     Biodegradable cups, plates and cutlery made from 100% recycled materials to replace your stash of plastic of styrofoam disposables
  •     Toilet paper rolls that are made from recycled material
  •     Cloth laundry bags to replace plastic bags for guests to place their laundry in


These are just some of the sustainability efforts your hotel or resort can start implementing.


We have a whole other customisable range of options for you to choose from. Contact us today to help your hotel or resort business maintain cost-effectiveness while maintaining a low carbon footprint on the environment.


Contact us today.

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