At Grinearth, we manufacture and supply wholesale products from various manufacturing plants in Southeast Asia to meet your business requirements in terms of customisation, quantity, quality and price.

Why choose us?

With over two decades of experience serving clients, we are a modern organisation that is looking for long-term partnership with our clients. We take pride in our quick service, differentiated products and global outreach. 

With a large variety of products in our catalogue, we have everything your business needs to function at its best. Over the years, we have expanded our selection of wholesale supplies and commercial equipment and have amassed a healthy list of clients that include:

  • Hotels
  • Food and beverage (F&B) establishments
  • Catering companies
  • Industrial companies
  • Cleaning companies

On top of our wholesale efforts, we continue to drive forward our vision of improving the disposable supplies ecosystem with our eco-friendly range. Our environmentally friendly products are well-received as a game-changing and socially responsible option for companies that are keen to improve their carbon footprint.

Why Work With Us

Since the start, GRINEARTH has succeeded in creating and fostering an innovative, one-stop solution to meet the purchasing needs of companies across Singapore and Australia. Our team enjoys working with partners to ensure we provide the best in price, service, and industry knowledge to our customers.


Grinearth has many products to choose from and we continue to source for more innovative products. Thanks to our large inventory, we are able to offer you products at competitive prices. Stock up on your disposable supplies needs without sacrificing quality for price.


We strive to customise your needs according to your budget or deadline. Beyond that, we can also add personalisation touches to your required items based on your unique request. With Grinearth, it’s easy to incorporate your brand into any reusable, wearable, or disposable supplies.


You want your products delivered in perfect condition as fast as possible. To ensure your order reaches you on time, we set expectations between all stakeholders and maintain constant communication so you can continue to operate efficiently and effectively.


Grinearth is here to serve you. All our customers are equally important to us and we maintain close communication from the time you request a quotation from us to the time we deliver your products at your doorstep. We can be reached via phone or email for support.

How We Work

We primarily source for manufactured products from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam. Although we work with more plastic, foam and paper supplies, we also carry eco-friendly products.

We work with key customers in Singapore and Australia in industries such as hotels, F&B and cleaning. Once we establish a working relationship, you tell us what you need and we arrange the supply and delivery for you.

Our continuous growth is made possible by our warehouse locations in South-East Asia. We work hard to continually provide our customers with the best service possible to make sure each order is a success.