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Paper Disposables

From plates to coffee filters, our paper disposables cover all of your establishment’s needs whether it’s for a party or your in-house pantry.


Plastic Disposables

Whether you’re catering for an event or offering take-out, we have a suitable selection of disposable plastic dinnerware from flatware to lids.



Protect the environment with eco-friendly disposables. We offer solutions such as natural palm leaf plates to compostable plastic bags.


Why Grinearth

Quality products for your business needs

Grinearth’s high-grade supplies, ranging from plastic packaging to cleaning disposables, from party supplies to protective wear, are manufactured in plants across Southeast Asia and distributed in Singapore and Australia.

What sets Grinearth apart is the service that we provide you from start to end. From proposals to delivery, we ensure that expectations are communicated and requirements are met so your business can carry on running smoothly.<

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