CocoKlean Multipurpose Floor Cleaning Sheets


CocoKlean is a fast dissolve coconut enzyme multi-purpose sheet that is suitable for all flooring and surfaces


✅ SG Formulated
✅ Eco-Friendly
✅ Non toxic
✅ 99.9% Anti-bacterial
✅ Baby and pet safe formula
✅ Prevents pests
✅ Rinse Free formula
✅ Suitable for all flooring/surfaces

Place or Origin: Singapore

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  1. Open up your CocoKlean pack
  2. Tear one sheet in half (follow the perforated line)
  3. Dip the half sheet into a pail of water
  4. Wait 4-5 seconds
  5. Start mopping your floor.
  6. Half a sheet is perfect for mopping up to a 5-bedroom apartment here in Singapore.

How to use:

🟢 Mop: Dissolve 1 sheet ➡ 3 litres water

🟢 Disinfect Toilet bowl: Dissolve 1 sheet into the toilet bowl, Scrub and Flush

🟢 Rid pest & Sanitize surfaces: Dissolve ½ sheet ➡ 500ml water in spray bottle. Spray corners/Clean surfaces

Ingredients: PEG-7 Glycerol Cocoate, Sodium dodecyl sulphate, Polyvinyl alcohol, Aqua, Decylglucoside, Glycerin, Alcohols C12-18 ethoxylated, Sodium citrate, Polyether modified polysiloxane, Saponins, 5-chloro-2-(4-chlorophenoxy) phenol, Sodium carbonate, Citrollena essential oil(0.05%)

Packaging: Pack of 32 sheets: 16 Sheets measures 115mmx145mm (perforated into 2 equal pieces)
Specs of box: Height:155mm Width: 125mm Depth: 20mm Weight: 0.1kg