November 8, 2020

Types of Disposable Food Packaging Solutions for Your Catering Business

Do you run a catering business?


Or maybe you are planning to start a culinary company?


To run a successful food & beverage business that packs meals and delivers it to clients in bulk, you need to ensure that you have sturdy food packaging solutions to endure the logistics and different types of food items.


In this fast-paced environment, people want to eat on-the-go. We also want to try different catering options, especially when it comes to office environments, parties and team-building activities. Meals make an important part of all these events. And by having functional food packages, you can keep your food safe for consumption and your customers happy!


When we say functional food packaging, we mean it has to fit the meal that you’re catering for. For example, if you’re delivering soupy noodles, you need the right food packaging type to ensure it’s packed properly and doesn’t leak out during delivery.


When it comes to catering businesses, you also need to have an array of different culinary-friendly products, for example, cutleries such as cups, plates, spoons, forks, disposable chopsticks, etc. You also need napkins, paper bags and trash bags if you are catering for out-of-home or out-of-office events.


But aside from these items, what matters most, as mentioned above, is the container that your food is packed in. Typically, containers come in different sizes and with different compartments. Some are great to hold liquids, some are bento boxes to pack multiple items of food, and some are better for hot or cold edibles.


Here are some of the food boxes or take-out friendly containers that Grinearth supplies:


  • Lunch bento boxes: these Japanese-inspired containers have partitions for different food items such as rice, vegetables and fruit or a side dish.
  • Snack boxes: applicable for snacks that are great for parties. Think of snack boxes you get at your favourite fast-food restaurant.
  • Paper bowls: Great for gravy-based food items such as soups or curries. Some culinary businesses also use this to separate pasta from gravy so it doesn’t get soggy on the way to its destination.
  • Cups: Multi-purposed and can be used for yogurt, cut fruit or even drinks.
  • Bakery boxes: Usually comes with a transparent cover so your customers can see the delectable pastries you supply them.
  • Serving or catering trays: Great for bigger items or platters like sushi, mini cakes or even sliders. 


These disposable food packaging items are made from different types of material, each with its advantages and disadvantages, such as:

Foam Disposables 

Foam products are among the most versatile and economical disposable items available. Grinearth carries everything from drinking cups to trays.

Foam disposable products:

  • Maintain food temperature (cold stays cold, hot stays hot)
  • Are lightweight, making it easy to transport
  • Have good quality lids and can be laminated so prevents food from spilling or leaking
  • May not be environmentally friendly
  • Are non-microwaveable 

Paper Disposables

From plates to coffee filters, our paper disposables cover all of your catering establishment’s needs whether it’s for a party or a company event.

Paper disposable products:

  • Take up less storage space 
  • Grease resistant if coated properly, if not prone to moisture and humidity
  • Are environmentally friendly as it’s made from renewable resources 
  • Has Microwaveable options
  • May not be good to hold heavy food as it’s bendable and tears easily

Plastic Disposables

Whether you’re catering an event or offering take-out, our selection of disposable plastic dinnerware from flatware to lids meets all your needs.

Plastic disposable products:

  • Are more sturdy
  • Are microwaveable and freezable
  • Are mostly transparent which makes it easy to view what’s inside
  • Are less environmentally friendly
  • May take up storage space


So how do you choose?


When choosing your bulk disposable supplies, keep these two key points in mind:

(1) your specific needs such as food preservation and budget, 

(2) the customer’s needs such as ease of consuming the food and durability of the food packaging. 


Once you have identified this, give us a call and we can arrange your wholesale disposable food packaging supplies for you.

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