December 2, 2020

3 Types of Eco-Friendly Supplies To Help You Spring Clean Your Home

Ready to welcome a new year?


Want everything to look squeaky clean and mess-free before you welcome guests to your home?


Fed up with all the chemical-laden products you get in the market that are not safe for your pregnant friend who is visiting, or your own children?


The solution: use eco-friendly cleaning products to help you to spring clean your home.


Why use eco-friendly products at home?


Regular mass-produced products have two downsides:


  1. They are laden with chemicals that are harmful to your health and the health of your loved ones. Imagine constant contact with chemically-induced substances that make your skin damaged and can even cause more risk if you accidentally sniff or consume it


  1. The chemicals in these products are harmful to the environment. We end up using more resources to keep our homes clean but the world around us just ends up becoming more polluted and unsafe


By using eco-friendly products that are made of natural and renewable resources, you eliminate the risk of damage to your health and the health of planet earth.


Types of Eco-Friendly Products to help you clean your home


So you’ve decided you want to include more eco-friendly products in your collection of cleaning supplies.




Spring cleaning should refresh your home. You don’t want to use toxic chemicals and waste-producing methods to do so. Using natural and non-toxic products keeps your house looking clean from the outside and healthy between layers too. Plus, it’s safe for your family and the environment.


Where do you start with making the transformation into safe and sustainable cleaning methods? 


What type of eco-friendly cleaning supplies can you use at home? 


What do you look out for?


Here are some easy suggestions you can start with when spring cleaning your home


  • Use refillable cleaning products to minimise packaging disposables.
  • Non-toxic cleaning products are great for the environment and you can stop breathing in harmful substances. Replace chemical residue removals with baking soda to wash pots or remove grime around the sink or stove. 
  • Sustainable scents are a great replacement for chemically-contained air fresheners. Use natural essential oils to purify the air, make your clothes smell better (instead of using fabric softeners) and to keep the bugs away.
  • Switch from disposable paper towels to biodegradable or reusable towels made from sustainable bamboo or organic cotton.
  • Bonus tip: when we spring clean, we often get rid of a lot of paper too. Recycle these papers by using them as rough paper for scribbles, or start digitising your bills and choosing options that help you minimise paper wastage in the future.


Want a suggestion for a non-toxic floor cleaning product?


Introducing: Coco Klean


Coco Klean floor cleaning sheets is an antibacterial coconut enzyme concentrated floor cleaner. It effectively removes stains, grime and dust on all floor types. It uses a non-toxic and non-sticky formula. 


These sheets give you the same shine as regular floor cleaners while getting rid of pests such as mosquitoes, ants, roaches and lizards, but it does so in a much safer way!


Contact us to pre-order your Coco Klean pack! Available in wholesale and retail prices.

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